Bio Med Wash Outdoors in the Winter – It will freeze!

Eyewash, whether this product or another, will freeze if left outside (in vehicles or trailers) for extended periods of time.

What happens if the eyewash freezes?

If Bio Med Wash freezes, it can be thawed and the contents will remain completely unaffected. With some saline solution eyewashes, once they freeze crystals will separate from the solution and quite often won’t disappear after being thawed. Now you have particles in your eyewash solution that renders it ineffective as an eyewash. With Bio Med Wash, this won’t happen as it is pure water (tissue-culture grade).

Even without freezing, the water or saline of any eyewash product will be so cold, that the experience of washing out eyes could be rather uncomfortable, and possibly even painful; brain-freeze ayone?

So what can we do?

Eyewash carry bag
12 or 15 can soft-side bag

Bio Med Wash also has a convenient carry-bag (soft-side) with padding that can act as an insulative barrier. The trick, is how to keep the contents in the bag warm?

Speaking with an end-user customer with a number of their crew working outside, the simple solution of buying the soft-side bag for the eyewash for your 7oz cans, and adding a few handwarmers (maybe one will be enough) inside the bag to create a safe heat-source. In this way, the interior of the bag will help prevent freezing of the eyewash, and of course, adds the element of portability for outdoor workers that need to keep eyewash within reach and usable.

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